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The Common Cold


The common cold usually starts with a hot feeling in the back of the nose or throat. The patient usually feels generally unwell and aching.  After a day or two the nose starts running with clear liquid and after three or four days with thick yellow discharge. There may be a slight temperature and the whole illness lasts seven to ten days.

In summer hay fever may cause similar symptoms with addition of sneezing and sticky eyes. There is no magic cure for the common cold – but simple remedies may help the discomfort.

Children and Babies

Children often have repeated colds. During these the child gradually builds up resistance to infection which will stand it in good stead in later life. Children and babies with colds may be troubled by coughing at night. This cough is caused by the discharge from the nose running down the back of the throat. The cough helps prevent the discharge from going down to the chest and protect against chest infections.

Treatment for adults

Aspirin 2 tablets of soluble aspirin or paracetamol every four hours. If the throat is sore, dissolve the asprin in warm water and gargle before swallowing.
Drinks If there is a temperature, drink plenty of fluids. It does not matter if the patient has no appetite for a few days.