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Dated: 4-Sep-20

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Help us to help you. E-consults are aimed at solving problems and providing you a service through email and texting communications. If your problem is better discussed in person this is not the right platform for you.  

Some tips to help: 
  • Ensure the problem can be supported through text communication. 
  • Consider sending a photo for skin problems, lumps and bumps or anything else you would like us to see but please do not send intimate pictures.  
  • Give us as much information as you can. 
  • Focus on ONE problem only.  
Some examples of what they are useful for:  
  • Blood pressure reviews where you can provide readings of your blood pressure.  
  • Review of fit notes or new fit note requests.  
  • Simple medication reviews.  
  • Skin conditions.  
  • When a clinician may have requested some information. 

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