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Real life benefits and welfare support group 

Dated: 21-Jan-20

Support With Disability:

Although we are able to help and support all clients, we specialise in offering emotional and practical support to people with disabilities and those helping them. We can help you access, understand and use information about Benefits & Welfare, Local support groups and services, Illness & Disabilities, and offer support with everyday living. 

General Support With Benefits and Form-filling

We offer support and help with:

  • Form filling
  • Benefit sanctions
  • Mandatory Reconsiderations
  • Tribunal Applications
Other benefit & welfare assistance is also available. 

How you can help us to help you:

  • Be patient - We are a small team of volunteers and it takes time to listen and help - form filling may take up to 2 hours.
  • Be practical - Our benefits & welfare team need your information to help you - please bring paperwork!
  • Use our services appropriately - Use our Wednesday drop-in t access our help or make an appointment for Tuesday/Thursday or call 07948042970 (not Mondays). We are sorry but we are not able to help with form-filling on Wednesday drop in days.

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