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Connecting Your Care

Dated: 17-Aug-17

We use a clinical system called SystmOne. This system provides a single electronic record with all of your health information in one place, ensuring care providers can give you the most safe and efficient care possible.

Your information can be digitally shared between other health and care organisations who are treating you. 

Here are some examples of care services who can access your patient record:

  • GP Practices.
  • Community Services: e.g. District Nurses.
  • Child Health Services who undertake scheduling of treatments e.g. Vaccinations.
  • Urgent Care Organisations, Minor Injury Units and Out of Hours Services.
  • NHS Mental Health Trusts.
  • Care Homes.
  • Palliative Care Hospices.

Why Should I share my Record?

Sharing enables your clinician to have a clear, up to date picture of your health, they can therefore make accurate decisions relating to your ongoing care.

You don’t have to explain your medical history each time you visit a clinician.

It improves your care and prevents unnecessary tests being requested and performed.

Can I choose not to share?

Can I choose not to share?

Yes, you can decide whether you want your information to be shared or not. If you do not want this to happen please let us know.

Or if you would like more information please ask for our information leaflet.

Thank you.

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