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Advice & Appointments

When the surgeries are open and how to make appointments with Doctors or Nurses.


Other Clinics & Services

We have a range of services from Asthma Clinics to Chronic Disease Clinics.


Same Day Telephone Appointments

We know that a large number of problems, especially minor illnesses and medication queries, can be dealt with very effectively over the phone. However, for a patient it is not always easy to know whether you need to see a doctor face to face or not. We have discovered that if we speak to every patient on the phone first, many people are pleasantly surprised that we can deal with their problems without them needing to come down to the surgery. This is why all our same day appointments are now telephone appointments.

If we speak to someone and they do need to be seen, we will arrange a face to face appointment with the best person in the best timescale. This may involve coming down the same day for examination, or waiting a few days to see a doctor who knows them well; sometimes a nurse practitioner or senior practice nurse can deal with things that a patient may not have thought possible. Patients for whom we have arranged appointments are usually very happy with the system.

The doctor will take factors such as a patient’s anxiety and desire to see someone face to face into account, and will decide with them the best way to deal with the problem. We will not refuse to see someone face to face if they are very concerned.

If you are not able to speak on the telephone because of disability or because you do not have a phone, please let the receptionist know.