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Seaton Park Patient Group

Did you know

  • A Patient Participation Group provides a route for patients to advise and inform their chosen Practice on what matters to patients and to help identify solutions to problems.
  • SPMG’s Patient Group is a very active group of individuals dedicated to serving the wider patient interest, not just their own.

Our Patient Group aims to:

  • Improve healthcare for Patients through a joint approach.
  • Help patients to access the group and express their views.
  • Provide feed back on proposals for change.
  • Help the Practice to provide information.
  • Encourage health education activities.
  • Encourage access to appropriate services.
  • Source suitable funding as appropriate.
  • Act as a representative group.
  • Be impartial and objective at all times.

Join our Patient Group

We are always looking for ways to improve our service to you. To help in this process we would invite you to join our Patient Group.

If you would be interested in participating you can ask at reception.


April 2018- The knit and natter group with their needles red hot began supporting Babies with HIV in Africa. Babies known locally in Africa as “Fish and chip” babies because nurses historically wrapped them in newspaper to keep them warm. The ladies knitted jerkin and hat sets for distribution through charitable organisations. ( See attached photos) they will continue to support this wonderful group……………….Here is an exert from the thank you letter:

Thank you for the generous donations of the knitted hats and jerkins from the volunteer knitting group.

Today was Mother’s Day in South Africa and we, as Rotary Club of Century City (Cape Town), were lucky enough to partner with another group called Embrace Organisation to hand out goodies to the new mothers at Mitchell’s Plain District Hospital (Cape Town). Mitchell’s Plain is a community in need, and to quote Sister Noah of the Mitchell's Plain District hospital "Mitchell's Plain has different layers. There are different socio-economic levels and all the sins of the world are in this community. Drug addition, high crime rate and high birth rate - we see it here. Burden of disease - see it all in this hospital."

The knitted items were included in the goodie bags, which were then handed out. The goodie bags consisted of various items – nappies, baby grows, baby shampoo, menstrual pads, chocolates and various other items for both mom and baby. I must say though – the knitted jerkins and hats were most definitely the most stylish items in the bags, and so appreciated by the moms, especially as we are going into winter now in South Africa, and Cape Town winters can get quite icy!

May 2018- Walking for health- Our first walk began 1st May, In participation with Active Northumberland and Walking for health, supported by many of our PPG members but led by Dr D Warrington. Please attached the following patient testimonial below: At the inaugural Health-walk from Seaton Park Medical Centre, seven walkers of varied abilities and ages completed 1.1 miles in a very enjoyable manner. The walk was extremely gratifying for all involved and allowed each of us to proudly exclaim - “I did it! “.

Personally, I walked along paths I had never noticed before. I also enjoyed many conversations with my fellow walkers and people relaxing in their gardens, enjoying the same lovely morning as us.

Knit and Natter Group News
The knit and natter group had two wonderful visitors this morning, representatives of the Great North Air Ambulance who were receiving a cheque for £400 raised by the group.

Air Ambulance


  • June 2017-All of our PPG had their Dementia training organised and facilitated by the Alzheimer’s Society.
  • July 2017-End of Life Planning. A first for the Practice, designed to support patients, family members and carers in planning living wills, accessing financial support and counselling. Delegates included Age UK, Citizens Advice Bureau and Carers Northumberland. We will hopefully see more of these events
  • October 2017-Open Flu Clinic, This was a specially supported clinic for a marginalised local community. Accommodated in the local church hall with refreshments provided by the PPG. Supported by Carers Northumberland, local Alzheimer’s Society representatives and a representative from Northumberland County Blind Association.
  • February 2018-Cuppa with a copper. This event was formed following a request from patients to strengthen community relations with the local Police. Community Support Officers came along to speak to patients about safety and crime.
  • March 2018- Winter lap blankets- A joint exercise with Northumbria Police supported by the SPMG Knit and natter group. Members knitted and crocheted lap blankets, hats and gloves which were distributed by the Community Support Officers to some of our more vulnerable community members.
  • March 2018- Crossword group. This group was aimed at the local community but also including people whose first language is not English.
  • March 2018- The Practice supported by the PPG set up a Carers Support Clinic including therapies, support by Carers Northumberland.

Energy Awareness Session

Great turnout for the Practices first Energy Awareness Session with National Energy Action Newcastle. 

 All of the attendees went away with freebies- Home temperature gauge, CO2 detector and advice on savings and switching.

Plus those who attended if eligible will be referred by our facilitator Josh for free insulation-Bonus. Come along and ask at reception if you are interested- we would love to see you, more dates so

Energy Awareness Sessions. Pic
Energy Action

Quarterly Magazine

View the Seaton Park Patient Participation Group Magazines:

Knit and Natter Ladies

What a great day for our Knit and Natter Ladies, a whopping £316 raised in support of Macmillan Cancer through the sale of their knitted items and the Vintage Tea afternoon.

Also a massive thank you to our lovely patients who have supported us in raising this.
Macmillam. Photo.1
Macmillam. Photo.2
Macmillam. Photo.3

End of Life Planning session

On 27th July 2017 we held our first End of Life Planning session at our Norham Road Branch, with delegates from Age UK, Northumberland, Citizens Advice Bureau Ashington, and Carers Northumberland. We also had advice on hand about making Advanced Decisions, Will Making, Funeral Payments and Bereavement Services. 

As a Practice we believe everyone should have the opportunity for honest, sensitive and well informed conversations about dying, death and bereavement, whether they are the person dying, a family member or a Carer.

The conversation should be early enough to enable people to reflect, to adapt and agree, with these key points in mind.

  • Think about your wishes;
  • Write down what you want and don’t want; and
  • Share your plan.

Please let us know if you require further information as we have some useful handouts, or why not come along to our quarterly sessions which will be advertised in advance.

Further Information

Age UK Long Term Conditions Exercise Class

Age UK Long Term Conditions Exercise Class- Norham Road. Do you have a chronic disease which we are managing, if you have, please enquire with our Practice Nurses about this course which is run by Age UK. A 8-12 week course, low impact floor and chair based activities, participation through referral only.

Building a Boat

The project has now been completed, watch this space for updates on its launch. 

Building a Boat. SPMG are working with the Spital Estate Community Assoication (SECA) to refer interested patients into this active group who are currently involved  in building A Viking Sports Craft (See photos).   They have also acquired others pieces of the regions history with plans of refurbishment.    For more information please ask at reception or call the SECA mobile and leave your details and a short message 07376-815688. 

boat1 boat2
boat3 boat4

NHS 70th Birthday Celebrations

Knit and Natter Charity Drive

Img 2436
Img 2438
Img 2439
Img 2440

Crossword Group

Are you interested in puzzles and crosswords, they are challenging and fun and may improve your ability to find words.If this is for you why not come along to our group.
Running every second Tuesday of the month from 10am-12pm from the Norham Road Health Ed Room.
Just ask at reception.

SPMG Knit and Natter Group

The lovely ladies from the Wansbeck Day Oncology Unit receiving their cheque for £100 and knitted hats donated by the SPMG Knit and Natter Group. So worthwhile.

Ashington Leisure Centre

Great Day at the Ashington Leisure Centre on Friday 12th October promoting SPMG's Social Groups and meeting some lovely people

Healthwatch Agm.1
Healthwatch Agm2
Healthwatch Agm 3

The Walking Group

Seaton Park Medical Group have a walking group.

Every Tuesday at 10am from the Health Education Room at Norham Road

Some of the items made Blackberry Whiskey and Sloe Gin


Fund Raising 2016/2017

The members are dedicated to fund raising. Any monies raised goes back into the local community or is used in support of the access strategy for our patients. Such as 

  • An Open Flu Clinic was held in Newbiggin by the Sea on 22nd November 2016 -  This clinic was ran out of St Bartholomew’s Church in Newbiggin and a Tea/Coffee and cake stall was run on the afternoon. £48.00 was raised on the day, the proceeds of which went to the church to support a fund for new central heating;
  • Bernicia Funding application - An application was made to Bernicia Homes Ashington to support our PPG in developing the Access Strategy. A total of £300 has been raised which will support the development of regular group sessions on SPMG premises
  • Cancer Awareness Session and fund raiser March 2017 - A total of £106.20 was raised for a local cancer charity;


What Seaton Park Patient Group have done 2016/2017
SPMG PPG have been very active during the 2016/2017 year in trying to develop the Practices access strategy for our patients. What is an Access Strategy you may ask yourself? 

Well the practice is interested in Social Prescribing and we are developing an Access Strategy to enable this to be implemented.

We are keen to explore new ways to help meet the varied needs of our patients. Research tells us that non clinical interventions in Healthcare have a vast improvement on people’s health, specifically achieving and maintaining wellbeing.

We hope to be able to host regular initiatives for patients moving forward, to engage and educate in conjunction with providers like Carers UK and Alzheimer’s Society, Men’s Health sessions and Diabetes/ Health Awareness etc. 

In addition to the health drives it is hoped that the group can run regular coffee mornings, we are even trying to firm up dates for a knit and natter group. Here is a list of the sessions held so far:

  • Mental health awareness - May 2016 - Participants included: Talking Matters, Delegates from Healthwatch Northumberland, The Northumberland County Blind Association, Alzheimer’s UK and Healthy living advice from Northumberland Care trust
  • Diabetes Awareness - August 2016 - Participants included: Information from Diabetes UK, Delegates from the Gateshead Retinal Eye Screening Programme, Northumberland County Blind Association, Healthy Eating Advice and a drop in from SPMG Diabetes leads;
  • Self-Care Week - November 2016 - Participants included: SPMG Pharmacy Team, North Seaton with Ashington Women’s Institute, Healthy Eating Advice, Earth Balance “Men’s Shed” and the Full circle food project;
    View more information on Self Care.
  • Cancer Awareness - March 2017- Participants included: Information from Cancer Research UK, Delegates from Coping with Cancer North East and St Oswald’s Hospice including information from the Daft as a brush Cancer trust. Members also ran a cake stall which enabled them to raise £xx the proceeds of which will go to a local cancer charity

SPMG film club

Come along to the SPMG film club run by our Patient Participation Group. Next showing Friday 21st then fortnightly thereafter. 
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