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Advice & Appointments

When the surgeries are open and how to make appointments with Doctors or Nurses.


Other Clinics & Services

We have a range of services from Asthma Clinics to Chronic Disease Clinics.


Clinics & Services

Asthma Clinic

Clinics are held regularly by the Practice Nurse who review patients’ conditions to ensure best possible treatment and prevent the condition worsening.

Cervical Smears

Prevention of cervical cancer is only possible with regular checks on all susceptible women. We follow the Northumberland Guidelines and call in women who need a smear.

Diabetic Clinic

Diabetics who are not seen regularly at hospital clinics will be cared for by our practice based team, and will be sent regularly for the checks they need and at least once a year for a full check-up.

Diabetic Eye Screening Programme

From 1st April 2018, for newly diagnosed diabetic patients, we will be providing information electronically to the local NHS Diabetic Eye Screening Programme.  

As your GP, we have a duty to ensure you receive an invitation for eye screening as part of your diabetes care based on clinical need, in an accurate and timely fashion.

If you have any questions relating to the use of your information, or you do not want us to provide your information to the local Eye Screening Programme please speak to:

Elderly Care

The Practice runs a comprehensive service for care of the elderly including health checks. Patients may be visited at home if they are not well enough to attend the Surgery. The doctors and nurses liaise with Social Services as necessary. We offer pneumococcal vaccination for patients over 65.

Family Planning and Sexual Health

SPMG has a dedicated Family Planning Practitioner, Senior Practice Nurse Alison Bristow.

A comprehensive family planning service is provided, we will be happy to advise you on family planning matters.

We offer a Mirine Coil Service, in addition to the Nexplanon Contraceptive Implant.

Your GP can still advise you about Depo Injections or contraception pills.

General Practice Female Sexual Health Clinics

Practice Clinic Date Contact Details
Lintonville Medical Group Friday 14.00 - 17.00 By appointment only. Tel: 01670 812772
Seaton Park Medical group Thursday afternoon  By appointment only. Tel: 01670 811811
Guidepost Medical Group Variable By appointment only. Tel: 01670 822071
Bedlington Medical Group Variable By appointment only. Tel 01670 822695

Hypertension Clinic

The Practice takes an active role in screening for hypertension. Those patients found to have high or borderline blood pressure are followed up according to a standard protocol.

Immunisation for Children

Immunisation is most important to the health of your child. He/she can be protected against the serious diseases of tetanus, diphtheria, whooping cough, measles, mumps, German measles and meningitis. Immunisation clinics are held twice weekly to provide this service.

Joint Injections

SPMG offer a wide range of Joint Injections to our patients. Examples of targeted areas are:
  • Carpal Tunnel (Wrist),
  • Elbow,
  • Knee,
  • Plantar Fasciitus,
  • Shoulder,
  • Thumb (Trigger Finger)
  • Trochanteric Bursa (Hip); and
  • Dixie Hallpike.
Please contact the surgery for more information about this service. New cases will need to be assessed by our Orthopaedic Practitioner Ben Alcock in the first instance.

Maternity Care

The practice holds ante natal clinics twice weekly. We hope to be able to care for most pregnancies from the beginning to delivery. Our community midwife attends the clinics and visits new mothers at home.

Further Information

For NHS help and advice during pregnancy, birth and parenthood view the NHS Start 4 Life website.


SPMG now offer a service which operates once monthly depending on GP capacity. This is a fee paying service-please see our Non NHS fees Brochure.

If we cannot offer this service for any reason we will be happy to accommodate you with a summary print out of your medical record free of charge to take to another surgery offering this service.

Minor Surgery

The Practice is able to undertake a wide range of minor surgery procedures. We believe such procedures undertaken within the Practice can be efficiently carried out and increase choice to our patients. If we have a long wait for a slot at the Practice, you may be offered a referral to a hospital is this would be quicker for you.

Named General Practitioner for all patients

The NHS has introduced changes in General Practice which require us to allocate a named General Practitioner (GP) to all patients; this GP will take responsibility for the overall care of the patient.

However, it will not change the way in which you access services provided by Seaton Park Medical Group.

Seaton Park Medical Group will continue to utilise your electronic medical record to ensure you are seen by the most appropriate clinician and given the best possible medical care in a timely manner.

Our GP’s provide a number of services and may be on alternative duties or are not available the day that you need or wish to be seen, so you may be seen by another clinician. Any of our clinician staff can access your electronic patient record and therefore have the most accurate and up to date information on you medical record.

Please be aware that your named GP may change when not available through maternity or other long term leave.

Your named GP will oversee your care whilst accessing services at Seaton Park Medical Group.

Please contact the Practice if you wish to find out who this is, alternatively, at your next appointment, please ask a member of our staff team.

If you wish to change your named GP, please contact the Practice and we will make reasonable efforts to accommodate your request.

Non-NHS Work

All Doctors in this practice work within the NHS and will meet your clinical needs free of charge. However, some of the work that you may ask your doctor to do is outside their NHS responsibilities. This makes extra work for both the doctors and the administrative staff and therefore a charge is made to cover this. Click here for a copy of our charges.

The Practice does not provide shotgun licence or personal references.

Pre-Pregnancy Advice

If you and your partner are thinking of starting a family and want some advice, please contact the specially trained Health Visitors at the Ashington Children’s Centre. Referral for genetic counselling is available if there are problems with hereditary disease within the families of either partner.

Infertility/problems with conception can be discussed by appointment with a doctor, and referral offered, if necessary for specialist information.


Urine Tests

Norham Road Branch: Urine Samples must be handed in by 3.30pm.

Newbiggin Branch: Urine Samples must be handed in by 12.30pm to allow for processing and transport to the laboratory for testing – unless a Doctor asks for an urgent sample. 

Test Results
Please wait at least one week before ringing for your results. If your result gives the Doctor cause for concern, the Practice will contact you before then. When you ring, the Receptionist will ask you when you had the test done and if it was a blood test or a urine test. This is so they can ensure they are not giving results to anyone else. Results can only be given to the patient, not a relative except for children. 

We have a dedicated results line which you can access by calling 01670 842001. The results line is open on:

  • Monday to Friday 2.00pm until 6.00pm
  • The first Saturday morning of every month between 8.30am till 11.30am

Wansbeck Bipolar UK Support Group

Supporting people affected by bipolar

The group offers support and information in a friendly, safe and confidential setting for anyone affected by bipolar.

Family members, partners, friends and carers are all welcome.


The Susan Kennedy Centre
South View
NE63 0SF


Second Tuesday in every month
6.30pm to 8.15pm (6.15pm for refreshments)

For further information about the services of Bipolar UK please call 020 7931 6480 or email:

Well Person Clinics

We offer all patients the opportunity to attend Well Person Clinics.  Our Healthcare Assistant will record your health details and where necessary refer you on to a Practice Nurse. She will also undertake certain tests as guided by our protocols. We feel that this is an excellent way of maintaining good health.

Xpress Clinic

Xpress ClinicThe Xpress Clinic runs daily. Appointments can be booked on the day, or the day before.

The clinic is run by specialist trained nurses. The doctors have worked with the nurses to develop their skills in minor illness such as:


  • Acute cough and chest infections
  • Earache
  • Urinary infections
  • Sore Throats 
  • New rashes
  • Poorly children over 1

Orthopaedic Practitioner

Orthopaedic Practitioners are specially trained physios. They are expert in diagnosing and managing new joint and back pain, they may refer on for physio but they are NOT here to provide physio.

If you have a new musculoskeletal (MSK) problem you can see an orthopaedic practitioner.

If it is a flare up of a problem which has troubled you before but gone away, you can see an orthopaedic practitioner.

Orthopaedic Practitioners do not sign sick/fit notes only GPs can do this.