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When the surgeries are open and how to make appointments with Doctors or Nurses.


Other Clinics & Services

We have a range of services from Asthma Clinics to Chronic Disease Clinics.


Can't get an Appointment?

Like many general practices across the country, we know that patients struggle to get appointments here.  We do know how frustrating this is and we are sorry.


We have found that over the last year, we are needing to provide more and more appointments to meet the demand from our patients.

This is because:

  • The economic situation is making people more stressed, leading to an increase in a lot of different health problems
  • People expect more from their health care and are less willing to tolerate minor symptoms than they used to be
  • People are living longer with complex health problems

At the same time, we are struggling to provide as many appointments as we would like to. 

This is due to:

  • Cuts in our funding from the government 
  • Doctors in the practice being on maternity leave, sick leave, or having left
  • A nationwide shortage of GPs, making it difficult to get replacements
  • A massive increase in the amount of paperwork and regulations we need to follow

What are we doing about it?

We are:

  • Aiming to recruit 2 additional GP’s
  • Directing patients to the most appropriate professional such as a Nurse Practitioner, GP or Pharmacist
  • Using our telephone consultation system to make sure that people who need to be seen urgently get priority

Despite these challenges, we are committed to providing as good a service as we can. We want to provide a safe service that deals quickly with urgent or serious complaints. 

However, if your problem is non-urgent and minor, you may have to wait a little longer than you would like to.

Thank you for your patience during this busy and difficult time

  • Book-ahead appointments with a named doctor are available up to 2 weeks ahead, both on the phone and face to face. If you have a long term problem it is good to plan ahead and use this option
  • Same day telephone appointments are available from 8.30 every morning; if we need to see you we can organise a face to face slot to suit you
  • There alternatives to seeing the GP which are excellent for many minor health problems. For example, Pharmacy First.  See the receptionist for details
  • If you are able, please tell the receptionist what the problem is; they are trained to help you get the best kind of appointment for you
  • There is an emergency doctor available from 8am-6pm daily; if your problem is urgent, please tell the receptionist.

Access Strategy

If you would like to make any comments please do so by visiting our contact page and using our feedback form.